ActronAir NEO

ActronAir NEO has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Design Innovation in the World Brand Awards 2022. The World Brand Award for Design Innovation [DES] recognizes consumer products that offer a point of difference from their competitors through innovative product design.

Since 1984 ActronAir has been designing and building high quality, world class air conditioners and controls in Australia.

And to compete with the world’s biggest air conditioning brands we have to dare to do things a little differently, which suits us just fine. We know that true comfort comes from doing what’s right, not from copying everyone else. That’s why ActronAir products are so unique – they’re specifically designed to perform in Australian conditions, provide the best zoning on the market, are available with the widest range of premium controls that are designed and built by us for us, and are supported by the best local service & support.

When it comes to air conditioners, it’s usually a case of out of sight is out of mind, with systems often coming with uninspiring analogue controllers that prize function over form but are certainly not much to look at, with a lot of end users often choosing to hide them away in closets so as to not clutter up their walls with unappealing plastic.

With NEO, we were looking to change that – an easy to use controller that users are proud to have on full display on the walls of their home, with a premium design that suits all styles, intuitive UX that makes advanced functions a breeze, and a convenient mobile app included as standard.

It needed to be easy to use for all ages, while at the same time supporting a wide array of technical functions and features. It also had to be able to work on a number of different ActronAir ducted systems, each of which had their own specific set of performance features.

And in addition to needing a premium look that supported a range of design palettes, it also needed to satisfy the needs of air conditioning installers by being easy to install and fast to setup.

NEO features plug and play wiring (with single RJ45 connection), universal retrofit terminal wiring, on-board guided commissioning, and dedicated service dashboards, all of which make NEO one of the easiest to install controllers on the market.

Key Features:

  • In-built WiFi – NEO’s in-built WiFi allows you to control your system from your mobile or tablet from anywhere in the world with the NEO Connect app.
  • Integrated Zoning – Unlike some other air conditioning controls, NEO has zoning integrated as standard removing the need for extra modules or switches.
  • LED Wall Glow – When operational, NEO’s unique LED Wall Glow and interface is colour coded, so you always know what mode your air conditioner is in.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) – No user manual? No worries! Simply place your phone over the power button of the controller and you’ll have access to the NEO user guide and other useful information.