Civica has been recognized as a WBA Leading Employer in the World Business Awards 2022. The key attributes of WBA Leading Employers outline the characteristics of well-managed, high-performing, industry leading organizations that provide a stimulating and supportive workplace.

Civica is a global company, partnering with the public sector to implement purpose-built technology designed to streamline complex processes across an organisation – essential for public sector organisations wanting to get on with the job of serving their community. To achieve this, Civica has a team of highly skilled, passionate employees who understand and appreciate the great work the public sector does. Attracting this calibre of employee does not come by accident, a multi-faceted approach by Civica’s committed POD team and a company culture that lives and breathes its core values is at the heart of why Civica is able to bring together like-minded people, often from the public sector themselves, who have a deep knowledge of the area they are working in.

Diversity and inclusion are a big part of Civica’s culture and one of the many reasons employees stay. To create and sustain an environment where colleagues feel a sense of belonging and are able to bring their true selves to work requires a well thought out strategy that is driven from the top down. For this reason, Civica’s CEO and all senior leaders invest time in diversity and inclusion awareness training. To celebrate the diversity within Civica a growing number of global affinity groups have formed, giving employees from all walks of life the opportunity to come together and share their experiences, and if needed, advocate for change. A small example of some of the groups currently operating are – LGBTQIA+, Race and Ethnicity, Parents and Guardians and 60 + (appendix H).

Additionally, Civica invests heavily in employee development and growth through programs that are proving to bring out the best in their teams, encouraging all employees to be a ‘Chief Learning Officer’. Civica’s enviable NPS score of 47 reflects the positive culture that thrives on teamwork, non-hierarchical structure and friendly relationships with colleagues.

Taking a collaborative approach when working with customers, including any feedback offered, is always highly encouraged by Civica. This approach continues to work for not only Civica’s customers and employees but for the organisation as well, demonstrated by its unbroken fiscal growth over the last 20 years.

Civica’s mission – to change the world, is ambitious but by meeting the needs of the public sector through the development of innovative products and services while at the same time attracting the most passionate, smart and innovative employees Civica is well placed to achieve it.