Deloitte has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Community Contribution in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for Community Contribution [CCA] recognizes organizations that implement initiatives that have a positive impact on the community and generate outcomes that have a long term benefit.

As one of Australia’s leading professional services firms, Deloitte Australia provides audit, tax, consulting, economics, financial advisory, human capital, legal, operations, private clients, risk, strategy and technology services. The Australian partnership of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is committed to growth, client service, its people and communities.

Deloitte’s commitment to being a responsible business is a key leadership priority. In FY19, the firm was proud to have invested over $30m in its communities through pro bono work and donations, as well as hands-on and skilled volunteering. This community investment is achieved in significant part, through working strategically with its national community partners including Oxfam and Many Rivers.

Deloitte Australia’s vision is to make an enduring economic, social and cultural impact that assists to position Australia for sustainable, future prosperity. Its international network of firms has defined its global purpose as being to make an impact that matters. It aims to shape the national agenda and to help its clients tackle their most complex issues.

Deloitte provides services to public and private clients spanning multiple industries. With a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries, the firm is made up of 264,000 professionals, all committed to excellence. Deloitte is recognised as the leading professional services brand in the world.

Deloitte brings leading edge capabilities and high-quality service to clients, delivering insights to address their most complex business challenges. As a global firm, it is committed to using its capabilities to address social disadvantage challenges. This includes the support of First Nations peoples and those in our Asia Pacific region, through its WorldClass goal to help 50 million futures by 2030.

In Australia, Deloitte sees that challenge in a very practical way, informed by its own Indigenous colleagues and diverse communities. It is committed to Deloitte WorldClass delivering its work in a way that is culturally supportive of all people and groups. Deloitte Australia itself is diverse – culturally, ethnologically, generationally and geographically.

In 2018, Deloitte’s CEO Richard Deutsch committed to achieving 50/50 gender representation in the firm’s partnership and leadership teams by 2024. The firm also remains committed to eliminating the gender pay gap, establishing gender targets and continuing support for people experiencing domestic & family abuse.

Essential to its diversity and inclusion commitment is our belief in the need for reconciliation with Australia’s First peoples. As a proud employer of – and service provider to – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations, Deloitte commits to maintaining and striving to increase these connections during the term of its third Reconciliation Action Plan, and the nation’s first Truth and Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). As part of this commitment, the firm is striving to discover, understand and celebrate Deloitte people who have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds, Deloitte’s global initiative WorldClass is seeking to provide people with the opportunities they need to find meaningful work in today’s accelerated, technology-driven economy. WorldClass is a global Deloitte initiative to prepare 50 million futures for a changing world by 2030 in the areas of Education, Skills development & Access to opportunity.

Deloitte Australia’s WorldClass goal is to impact 1 million futures by 2030. In FY19, its biggest contribution to WorldClass was its work with the charity Buk bilong Pikinini, a multi-pronged effort that enabled it to help lift literacy levels for more than 23,000 school children in PNG. The second element of the initiative was a concerted communications campaign to educate people and highlight the issue worldwide.

A WorldClass Steering Committee oversees Deloitte Australia’s efforts to reach its target to help one million lives. It sets a combination of short and longer term goals via actions such as nurturing social leadership and building capacities – across its community, client and people categories.

Deloitte’s WorldClass targets are in line with the time frame for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, WorldClass supports the goals that focus on inclusive and equitable education and lifelong learning (SDG4) and sustained economic growth and decent work for all (SDG8).