Ecoriginals has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Eco Innovation in the World Brand Awards 2022. The World Brand Award for Eco Innovation [ECO] recognizes environmentally conscious consumer products that offer point of difference from their competitors.

Ecoriginals Nappies were first introduced to Byron Bay Australia in 2011 by a husband & wife team who as parents themselves found the lack of genuine eco options frustrating and unacceptable. This first truly eco disposable nappy was a world first milestone at this time and marked the start of a new era of environmental choice for parents. Fast forward to today, and through significant research & product development coupled with use on more than 5 million babies bottoms Ecoriginals nappies continue to innovate and evolve.  The nappies are consciously designed from a world leading, and unrivalled 90%+ plant-based natural ingredients with absorbency performance exceeding traditional disposable Nappies, and the goal remains to achieve 100% biodegradability by 2023.  Not only is each nappy capable of the ultimate and ground-breaking biodegradability after use, the material make-up and feature of the nappy has proven health benefits.

Innovation and consideration are at the heart of each nappy starting with the development of the unique all natural Plantcell Technology™ core that wicks away moisture with 40% greater absorbency than other disposable nappies, and the 3D leak guard which ensures skin remains dry for up to 12 hours.  These features combined with the plant-based material components of the top sheet protect baby skin preventing nappy rash and irritations in the first instance.  Additionally, the 100% cotton back sheet and corn starch/tissue paper top sheet offer breathable layers and encourage airflow providing softness and comfort for babies unrivalled the world over.  Other features of the nappies are also designed with babies at front of mind including the pure cotton stretch waistband, cotton legs cuffs and rounded grip tabs all ensure no matter the size, build and activity of each baby, comfort and quality is assured.

Ecoriginals are not only the Greenest Nappy and Eco Baby Wipes company in the world today, they’re in a league of their own for chemical free softness and premium performance with genuine eco credentials. Complementing the massive 90+% natural materials in the nappies, are New Zealand manufactured off grid home compostable bamboo baby wipes made with purified New Zealand water – the decomposition of which can be evidenced in as little as 3 weeks even in a home composter.

Through key environmental initiatives the last 12 months alone Ecoriginals have contributed to more than 50,000 trees being planted, and over 1.2m items of plastic waste being removed from the worlds’ oceans, whilst remaining plastic and carbon neutral in the manufacturing and operational processes as a business. These mechanics are in place on the back of each and every order, and continue to achieve great results in partnership with leading environmental organisations around the world such as Ecologi and Plastic Bank.

This year Ecoriginals have formalised their position as world leaders in providing truly genuine eco-friendly baby products, with more 5* ratings and natural material make up than any other eco baby company in the world – giving parents in more than 10 countries from the US to the UK and the Middle East the option to choose the best products for their children and the best choice for the planet.