Ernst & Young (EY) has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Comms Excellence in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for Comms Excellence [COM] recognizes organizations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in communications.

EY’s purpose is to build a better working worldThe insights and quality services they provide help build trust and confidence in the world’s capital markets and economies. EY develops outstanding leaders who team to deliver their promises to all our stakeholders. By doing so, EY plays a critical role in building a better working world for its people, clients and communities.
Today, the tax function is increasingly strategic, shaping how businesses create, measure, and report long-term value. Hence, EY needed a proactive, forward-looking approach to responding to the evolving needs and demands of EY clients. As resultantly, EY delivered a unique and large-scale transformation initiative, – EY Tax Smart Delivery.

EY Tax Smart Delivery was designed to unlock greater value for clients, people and businesses with global process improvement. EY Tax Smart Delivery brings together the power of Process, People and Technology and aims to transform the way EY delivers Tax services by building a standardised global service delivery model that is optimally automated through the Global Tax Platform (GTP) and other enabling technologies. It also aims to standardise processes and shifts on-shore tasks to centralised off-shore resources, including EY’s Global Delivery Services (GDS) team.

Tax Smart Delivery is one of the largest transformation initiatives in EY, driving change for over 60,000 Tax professionals across the globe and thereby directly impacting how EY Tax operates and how they serve their clients. EY’s high-performing, multidisciplinary teams help their clients fulfil regulatory requirements, keep investors informed and meet stakeholder needs. The Tax-Smart Delivery program aims to drive awareness, acceptance, and adoption to their clients, people and business. EY has recognised that for Tax-Smart Delivery to be successful, communications have to drive the cultural and behavioural changes required to transform their business. EY’s Tax Smart Delivery gives clients clear insights into opportunities, obligations, and risks to help clients capitalise on new opportunities and assess and manage risk to deliver responsible growth. Additionally, the Tax Smart Delivery program elevates the learning and growth of our EY Tax professionals by helping them to focus on more strategic and value-add tax work. Furthermore, Tax Smart Delivery helps EY engagement teams to enhance margins and revenue growth and future-proof their business.

Tax Smart Delivery communications are thus crucial as it develops, execute, and activate organisational/change management and marketing programs for Tax-Smart Delivery. Communications is responsible for articulating the value proposition of Tax Smart Delivery and driving wider adoption while also increasing internal and external confidence in EY as a technology organisation. EY knew that introducing new working methods required a culture and mindset shift. Thus, Communications for Tax-Smart Delivery is driving a change management exercise on an epic scale that involves 60,000+ EY Tax professionals across the globe and the clients they work with. EY communicates with internal and external audiences, including those in the industry, clients, internal EY Tax professionals, business leaders and country leaders. EY Tax Smart Delivery has transformed the way EY delivers tax services in a more cost-effective and efficient manner for clients, increasing productive time for its people and enabling reinvestment into the business of the future with increased margins. In addition to leveraging the exclusive channels of Tax Smart Delivery, EY also weave in their messages and updates into the existing channels of Tax teams.

To support the communications for Tax-Smart Delivery, EY leveraged Global channels to build awareness among clients/industry, and regular updates to external branding were made to ensure content remained relevant and fresh. EY also launched a new Yammer group for Tax-Smart Delivery to enable real-time conversation, increase engagement and share key updates. As adopting Tax Smart Delivery is an exercise in change management, learning is a key element of the activation. Therefore communications drive these efforts to promote awareness about the relevant learning programs and drive participation. As the program continues to evolve, today, the communications related to Tax Smart Delivery reach a much larger audience of about 30,000+ EY Tax professionals across the globe. Currently, Tax Smart Delivery Global has a community of 5000+ professionals cutting across various service lines of Tax who have subscribed to be recipients of regular updates related to the program.