Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has been recognized as a WBA Leading Employer in the World Business Awards 2022. The key attributes of WBA Leading Employers outline the characteristics of well-managed, high-performing, industry leading organizations that provide a stimulating and supportive workplace.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is Melbourne’s destination for big ideas and inspirational events. Hosting more than 1200 events each year, MCEC is internationally renowned for its incredible range of spaces, innovative design and jaw-dropping food. MCEC is owned by the State Government of Victoria and managed by the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Trust. MCEC is a statutory authority of the Victorian Government, reporting to the Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major events under the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.

At MCEC, employees engage in many areas of the business, learning first-hand what it takes to run an iconic events destination and how to create outstanding experiences for customers. MCEC is regarded as having one of the most highly skilled teams in the events industry, and MCEC employees are regularly invited to share their knowledge and experience with the industry.

Building a safe and inclusive culture for all employees translates into an engaged workforce committed to providing the best possible outcome for MCEC’s customers, and this is the primary measure of MCEC’s success. With an average tenure of 5.35 years for full-time employees, and 3.66 years for casual employees, MCEC has an unusually low staff turnover, reflecting the venue’s commitment to providing a great workplace and opportunities for employees to develop meaningful careers. MCEC is an equal opportunity employer, reflective of the behaviours embedded in their values. Half of their executive team are women and they have a female participation rate of 49 per cent of MCEC’s overall employee base.

Effective communication is a strong focus throughout the all stages of the employee journey, and MCEC encourages feedback throughout the on-boarding, probation and MAP process, ensuring employees are supported and feel connected to the delivery of MCEC’s strategic plan. Two of their strategic priorities focus on developing their people and employer brand. This includes creating an environment for employees to reach their potential and building a more community-focused culture. Employees help deliver this strategic plan through departmental action plans and performance objectives, developed in consultation with each team.

In 2019, MCEC commenced their Future Employee Experience project, which involves mapping the optimal future employee experience. The initial focus, in consultation with their employees, is redesigning and delivering an efficient on-boarding program for MCEC’s new employees, which will leverage both digital and face-to-face touchpoints to ensure their employees are set up for success from their first day.

MCEC engage with their education partners to promote MCEC as a preferred employer for students. They provide industry placements to support the development of young people within the tourism and hospitality industry.

MCEC’s learning and development program begins with the on-boarding process to ensure new employees are supported by the relevant policies, systems and processes essential to their role. To increase employee retention, MCEC encourages employees to explore different career paths and provide access to the training required to do so. The commitment to advertising all positions internally, including temporary transfers has allowed many of MCEC’s employees to experience different roles, departments and ways of working to help boost retention of valued employees within the business while developing new skills. MCEC’s working environment is defined by a commitment to shared learning and continuous improvement.

Aligning individual performance objectives with their strategic priorities engages employees with their business objectives and creates ownership and accountability for MCEC’s success.