Red Education – Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Training Innovation in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for Training Innovation [TRI] recognizes products and services that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs in the fields of education and training.

Red Education is a global Information Technology – Accredited Certification Training Company (ATC) headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Its purpose is to help organisations protect themselves against cyber threats by training highly-skilled personnel to implement cybersecurity technology solutions. For its students, Red Education’s purpose is empowerment through learning.

Red Education’s training programs
Red Education provides a comprehensive suite of training programs covering the world’s major cyber security technologies. This is done through learning pathways to industry-recognised certifications. Red Education currently works with nineteen leading vendor technologies.

Training Innovation: Virtual Instructor-led Training
For Red Education, the most significant wave of innovation impacting their training has taken place in the last two years. With the universal move online necessitated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, Red Education was forced to find an alternative to its traditional face-to-face classroom-based training delivery. The company moved to an innovative Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) model. This benefits both students and the global business community facing a new wave of cyber threats as well as a growing skills gap.

Virtual Laboratories
The VILT model is supported by custom-built virtual laboratories. These simulations of real-world environments allow students to practice classroom learning using a practical, kinaesthetic methodology, improving their overall understanding and minimising the potential for costly errors after training.

Customer Service, Support and Training
As all Red Education training is instructor-led, customer service and support for its students generally take place during the training itself. Students are surveyed by both the technology vendor and Red Education. Feedback via surveys and reviews is taken very seriously within the organisation, which supports the principles of Kaizen, striving to achieve continuous process improvement and best practice approaches.

Delivering An Outstanding User Experience
Red Education has transformed its approach to meet the needs of the IT Industry, offering flexible and best-practice pathways to certification with instructor-led training and virtual labs at their core. It measures user experience and uses feedback continually improve its systems and delivery to meet the expectations of the IT community. Red Education fulfills an extremely valuable service in upskilling and addressing the widening gap between the needs of organisations and their existing skillset.

Unique Value Proposition: The Red Education Instructor Team
Red Education has many advantages as compared with its competitors. It is committed to innovation, technology-agnostic, has training not technology sales as its sole focus and has a truly global structure and standards. However, the number one factor that differentiates Red Education from its competitors is the quality of its instructor team, as evidenced by technology vendor awards, student reviews, and the increasing numbers of students who vote with their feet and attend Red Education training programs.

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