Springday has been recognized as a WBA Winner for HR Innovation in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for HR Innovation [HRI] recognizes products and services that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs in the fields of human resource management and recruitment.

Springday is a wellbeing partner for HR managers and leaders, working to help organisations support, inspire and educate their employees to take action towards becoming happier and healthier. This is delivered through a white labelled SaaS platform and a holistic wellbeing strategy.

Springday is an innovative corporate wellbeing solution that helps organisations measure and provide data driven solutions for optimising the wellbeing of their employees. This can lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and higher employee engagement.

The Springday platform is fully customisable, so organisations are able to integrate their existing services such as Employee Assistance Programs (as well as organisation specific messaging, flu vaccine programs and more. It can also completely replace existing staff intranet portals, and information on these portals can be integrated into Springday to create one cohesive platform for all employee needs. On top of this, Springday can also be integrated into existing SAP business operations software.

Springday was created after recognising the need for a more comprehensive ‘whole being’ approach to wellbeing. Where many organisations in the wellbeing space cover just mental wellbeing or physical health, Springday is the most inclusive in the market, focusing on five key pillars of wellbeing – social, physical, career, financial and emotional.

More than just a wellbeing platform, Springday becomes an organisational wellbeing partner, assessing the company needs and evaluating employee wellbeing and engagement to develop a tailored, holistic wellbeing strategy for their workforce. Aggregate data from Springday’s wellbeing assessment tools provide a basis for creating this strategy, while also providing the data needed to monitor progress and performance over time and evaluate the outcomes of the strategy.

The organisational wellbeing strategy is implemented through a range of platform features, including wellbeing content, programs and movement challenges. Springday utilises gamification to motivate users to interact with the platform by appealing to their desires to compete, earn recognition, and gain a feeling of accomplishment.

Springday empowers organisations to understand and improve employee wellbeing through a data driven digital platform and a tailored strategy with expert curated local content across all pillars of wellbeing social, emotional, career, financial and physical. They deliver validated engagement solutions that create a thriving workforce and a visible culture of care, innovating the HR space for all leaders.

For information about Springday, visit myspringday.com.au