Swisse Wellness has been recognized as an Employer of Choice in the World Business Awards 2019. The World Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognizes organizations which have developed leading workplaces that maximize the full potential of their workforce through practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Swisse’s mission is to make people around the world healthier and happier. This core philosophy is brought to life through a wellness focus on Movement, Nutrition and Mind. Not only does Swisse invest heavily in enabling these three pillars of health and happiness in its own team members, but this is also reflected in its marketing and communications, including expert content on diet and nutrition, exercise and movement and mind and mental health.

The evolution of Swisse Wellness is an Australian success story that began with founder Kevin Ring being inspired after a trip to Switzerland, to start selling pollen tablets in his Melbourne bakery in 1969. From this beginning, Kevin’s dream of making people healthier and happier was embedded in the Swisse DNA and drove the evolution of the product range it has today. The Swisse products are formulated to support optimal health and wellness across all life stages.

Since it’s acquisition in 2015 by Hong Kong listed infant milk formula company Biostime ( now Health & Happiness Group), Swisse has now become an integral part of the global H&H house of wellness brands.

Swisse is the Australian market leader in the vitamins, herbal and mineral supplements (VHMS) market and a primary contributor to the growth of the category. The organisation has expanded its product range over time to cover a broad suite of health and wellness products. With the backing of the H&H Group, Swisse is well on its way to becoming a leading global wellness brand.

Swisse’s marketing campaigns aim to engage and inform consumers about our exciting and innovative product offerings, looking to encourage and inspire people to invest in their own wellbeing through education around Nutrition, Movement and Mind. Swisse partners with numerous research organisations to ensure product claims are supported by science. Swisse is the only VHMS company that publishes evidence of product claims on its website.

As part of its commitment to mitigating its environmental impact, Swisse monitors and reviews its supply chains – including ingredient production, supply planning, transport methods and end-of-life evaluations – to ensure best practice.

The role of Swisse’s organisational culture has always been integral to this success. It has received ongoing recognition of its commitment to the health and happiness of its people and has a very strong employer brand within the Australian market. Swisse’s organisational culture has always been humanistic and progressive, a key enabler of its business strategy. The Swisse mission and the brand’s leadership within the VMHS category in Australia mean that there are authentic synergies between Swisse’s external offering, and how it lives and breathes as an organisation.