Civica C My Trees has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Eco Innovation in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for Eco Innovation [ECO] recognizes environmentally conscious products and services that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs.

ArborSafe, now part of Civica Group, is one of the largest arboricultural consulting and tree IT systems organisations in Australia. ArborSafe’s product/services portfolio includes national Arboricultural Consulting, Arboricultural Management Software Systems and Environmental Reporting Systems. In February 2021, ArborSafe Australia and associated entities were acquired by the Civica Group, opening up opportunities to expand ArborSafe’s unique systems and services globally. ArborSafe has developed its own proprietary tree management assessment and reporting software that is amongst the most advanced in the world for exclusive use by ArborSafe customers.

Recently, ArborSafe released a free app called – C My Trees, which gives users of all ages the opportunity to examine the carbon stored in older trees and newly planted trees too. ArborSafe’s customers include: Federal, State and Local government lands and facilities, many university campuses nationally, a large number of private, Catholic and public schools, golf courses, National Trust Victoria properties, Historic Housing Trust NSW properties, caravan parks, cemeteries sites, retirement villages, manufacturing, distribution and corporate facilities, land management, foreshore and catchment authorities, as well as mining companies such as BHP and South 32. The systems and services offered by ArborSafe to its customers are unique – fully developed in-house and tailored to tree assessment, reporting and client risk management needs in conformance to OH&S regulatory requirements. Proof of ArborSafe’s quality and customer satisfaction is demonstrated by the lack of churn in its customer-base. Many customers are in their fourth three-year tree management contract term.

What is the C My Trees app? The C My Trees app was developed as a free app available on the Apple App Store for use by people of all ages to better understand the huge environmental value of retaining mature trees within the landscape. It helps users of the app to understand their carbon footprint and put in place tangible measures for offsetting that footprint by retaining mature trees and planting new trees at their home, school, work and elsewhere. Why is C My Trees unique? Globally, governments, communities and organisations have placed a large focus on planting new trees to off-set carbon emissions to help reduce the human induced impacts of climate change. Before the development of the C My Trees app, there has been little to no understanding on the importance of mature trees and their role in storing large volumes of carbon. In the urban and semi-rural environments, mature trees are often seen as expenses that present maintenance and hazard issues for their owners. As such, mature trees are often removed well prior to their full life expectancy because of a misunderstanding of the full environmental impact of tree removals.

C My Trees allows users to see the amount of carbon and CO2 that is being stored in any tree within minutes. Importantly, these carbon measurements are uniquely converted into meaningful human measures for users in terms of what such carbon storage equates to in electricity, gas and fuel use/volumes.