MYOB Advanced Business has been recognized as a WBA Winner for ERP Innovation in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for ERP Innovation [ERP] recognizes products and services that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs in the field of enterprise resource planning.

MYOB is a leading business platform with a core purpose of helping more businesses in New Zealand and Australia start, survive, and succeed. MYOB delivers end-to-end business and accounting solutions direct to businesses, as well as a network of accountants, bookkeepers, and consultants. MYOB operates across three key segments: Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), Enterprise, and Financial Services.

MYOB Enterprise offers an integrated, business management platform, MYOB Advanced targeting the mid-market, with product offerings including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Payroll and Workforce Management – specifically for the Australian and New Zealand markets. This submission focuses on the cloud ERP platform MYOB Advanced Business, part of the Enterprise segment of MYOB.

MYOB Advanced Business focuses on delivering six, key business workflows which, based on our customer research, are at the core of every business. Bringing together these key workflows along with associated information and data into one all-of-business platform, MYOB Advanced Business enables businesses to track and forecast inventory, streamline sales and purchasing, and manage projects and financials in one platform in real time. This enables businesses to work from a single source of truth to make decisions in their business.

MYOB Advanced Business focuses on two core industries as part of its extended offering including construction and manufacturing. In addition to the core offering of MYOB Advanced Business, growing construction businesses in residential and commercial sectors who require project tracking and cloud connectivity add MYOB Advanced Construction to the platform. Alternatively for manufacturing organisations, MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is designed for discrete and batch manufacturers who require a cloud platform to help streamline their processes and provide meaningful insights into their production and business operations.

MYOB Advanced Business is sold through a dual channel model, directly through MYOB and through a network of Business Partners. Both channels sell, implement, and provide support to MYOB Advanced Business customers.

MYOB Advanced Business is positioned at ambitious mid-market businesses, those who are focused on growth. The customer value proposition is ‘MYOB Advanced Business connects every part of your business, so you can focus on what matters’. This is underpinned by the key pillars of productivity, visibility and control, and connectivity.

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