Colliers has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Project Management in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for Project Management [PMA] recognizes organizations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in project management.

Colliers Project Leaders lead, manage and deliver corporate property and infrastructure projects across Australia and New Zealand. Providing expertise across project, development and cost management, advisory, workplace strategy and technology solutions, they offer a uniquely integrated approach that ensures clients are fully informed of the economic, social and environmental dimensions of their project and, the enabling technology systems.

Judith Neilson Family Offices (JNFO) appointed Colliers to lead, manage and deliver program, quality and cost for Phoenix Central Park. This bespoke 1,185 sqm six-storey multifaceted building is a performance space in one half and a private art gallery in the other, with the two halves connected by central gardens. The vision of arts philanthropist Judith Neilson was to create a building that is a partnership of architecture and artistic fields. The building was fused by two separate design teams, led by John Wardle Architects (JWA) for the gallery side, and Durbach Block Jaggers (DBJ) for the performance space.

The Art Gallery is a mixture of off-formed concrete, timber, and glass. All levels of the Gallery are connected via a central void, with a glass lift as the central focal point. The Level 2 Gallery has a one-of-a-kind sawtooth ceiling, with design, manufacture and installation taking over 18 months to complete. The Performance Space is predominantly a custom made three-storey Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) dome, designed by a Sydney-based Architect, and manufactured in Germany.

The delivery of this project was particularly important for the Community, providing a number of Social and Environmental benefits, including; the expansion of art and performance services within the inner city of Sydney, spaces for piano recitals, poetry readings, opera and dance; creating a gallery and performance space that in itself is a total work of art reflected in the quality, long-lasting piece of architecture that is going to last 100 years; increasing access to art and performance to those in the Sydney area; providing existing and new artists a space for collaborative, dynamic and multifaceted arts and performances; and ensuring a sustainable workforce for the future with the creation of Phoenix Central Park and associated art and performance creations.

Due to the complexity of the build, bespoke nature of the project and high-quality objectives, the project was procured under a Construction Management agreement to meet the quality and program objectives of the Client. Colliers detailed Project Management Plan (PMP) outlined key factors to ensure the deliverables of the project were met.

Colliers played an integral role as project manager throughout all stages of the $75 million Art and Performance Space project, Phoenix Central Park. This project is an internationally renowned arts and culture icon, one that will stand the test of time whilst providing social and environmental benefits to the community.