Removify has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Risk Management in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for Risk Management [RMA] recognizes organizations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in risk management.

Removify is a Melbourne-based technology company that provides a unique offering of software and services designed to track, defend, and enhance online reputations. The company has pioneered technology behind its primary innovation – the removal of unwanted content from the Internet. This commonly takes the form of fake or malicious business reviews, defamatory online postings, and attacks and cyber-bullying on social media. Removify also assists victims of image-based sexual abuse (also known as “revenge porn”) to delete private images and videos that have been distributed online.

Officially launched in May 2019, Removify’s services were born nearly a decade earlier. Founders Nick Bell and Andrew Whitford operated a global network of digital marketing agencies, which saw an ever-growing increase in businesses suffering at the hands of anonymous online attacks. As the importance of online reputations grew, these attacks had the power to cripple businesses that had little or no ability to fight back.

The clear pattern was that the advancement of technology would continue to encourage and facilitate the posting of new content online – thereby also facilitating higher volumes of online attacks. What was far less accessible were the means to remove illegitimate content – technology offered very few options for the victims of such content. Removify was created to balance that playing field, developing a custom-built platform to empower both its internal team of professionals, and clients connected through its online portal.

The software platform allows Removify to analyse the content, identify potential violations, and then efficiently track and manage a legal submission process with the third-party platform from end-to-end. Built for high volume, the system employs machine learning algorithms to constantly improve efficiency at every level. This also allows Removify to scale quickly and effectively, while keeping the costs affordable in comparison to the traditional alternatives – such as engaging a law firm.

Removify is the proud market leader in helping businesses and individuals salvage reputations that have been unfairly tarnished online. The company’s technology and team of professionals have successfully removed over 25,000 items of content, for over 2,000 clients in 16 different countries.

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