Donesafe has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Cloud Innovation in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for Cloud Innovation [CLD] recognizes cloud-based products and services that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs.

Donesafe was founded by Matthew Browne and Matthew Knee, who are both successful business owners looking for a better way to manage workplace health and safety. Matthew Knee ran a large workforce for whom English was a second language, which needed a solution that was easy-to-use, avoiding technical jargon. Matthew Browne was already using a safety system that was running successfully, but paper-based; which brings with it a huge administrative time and money drain. The vision was to find a technology-driven solution that would enable him to retain his tried and tested processes, adding the benefits of technology and reporting. The market at the time was not able to solve each of their problems. Donesafe is a highly adaptable cloud-based platform that is simple for all workers to use. Six years on from its conception, Donesafe provides solutions for over 400+ organizations from sole traders to huge household brands; McDonald’s, Vodafone, and IAG who are now reaping the benefits of a cloud-based solution.

Donesafe is a cloud-based safety, compliance, quality, and wellness solution designed to make every workplace safer. The functionalities within Donesafe allows organizations to manage requirements across Health, Safety, Quality, and Environmental in the one platform. Donesafe’s mobile-first technology, available on any device, helps organizations support an entire workforce, wherever they may be. Donesafe allows workers to capture information and instantly alert management while initiating notifications and actions to resolve issues quickly. If there is an incident, injury or death, Donesafe manages the workflows involved in dealing with events. This extends beyond the physical incident or injury. Quality, mental health, and wellbeing programs are vital to ensure the workplace is all-around safe whilst supporting employees with the right information at the right time. There are a number of solutions on the marketplace that offer similar functionalities, but what sets Donesafe apart from the competition is that it enables all workers to use the system and capture information; rather than solely admin users within an organization. Encouraging a culture where safety is prioritized and discussed throughout an organization is at Donsafe’s core.

By adopting Donesafe, clients can retire their current range of point solutions (a ‘point solution’ solves one specific part of an overall system): spreadsheets, paper forms or anything in between, and manage everything securely in one cloud-based solution. Donesafe holds over 30 solutions to build an effective and efficient system for each organization. The unique codeless structure enables clients to build their own solutions with a drag and drop interface. Donesafe also empowers an entire workforce, connecting their system from workers in the field to the management team in the boardroom. Donesafe encourages worker participation by eliminating productivity killers with intuitive and fast learning software. Donesafe works on any device, any browser, anywhere. Donesafe also allows clients to enjoy their work and do more with the resources at their disposal. They can get productivity gains with a system that automates repetitive work, leaving more time for high-level preventative tasks.

Donesafe recognizes that an effective safety solution needs to be accessible for all. That’s why Donesafe is “The People’s Safety Software. Its software designed for an entire workforce to use; not just safety professionals. The statistics show how companies are looking to build a safety culture amongst employees. Donesafe takes an enormous strain off a business if workers can be involved in the reporting of safety hazards and incidents. To this end, Donesafe is designed to speak to the person using it. Donesafe’s goal is to make health and safety accessible to every business, regardless of size or industry. Donesafe’s configurability means clients do not have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to programmers for customization, which is how their competitors position their software. Every inch of Donesafe can be tweaked from how it looks, how it works, right down to the text. Donesafe doesn’t tell businesses how to run; businesses tell Donesafe how they want to work.

Donesafe’s ease of use is a major advantage. The safety software market is swamped with highly complicated platforms designed only for safety professionals. Donesafe’s simplicity allows any worker to interact with the system using role and permission structures. A large factor for many clients, Donesafe is significantly cheaper when compared to a similar solution. Thanks to the configurability of the system; nothing is hard-coded, flexibility and customization of the platform are limitless. Each client has their own version of Donesafe based on business requirements. To drive growth, a partner-driven sales approach was adopted to scale the small-mid market expansion, allowing Donesafe to focus its attention on the high-value enterprise market. Today, Donesafe has grown into a successful cloud-based software company boasting over 1.3 million users across the world.

Central to Donesafe’s core mission is to make sure everybody makes it home from work safely. Donesafe empowers the entire workforce, connecting their client’s systems from workers in the field to the management team in the boardroom. Donesafe is a software that everyone can understand and use. Donesafe’s cloud-based system can satisfy customers’ needs and requirements, from the executive level down. The benefit of having all workers in one system allows for real-time, accessible information with health and safety at the forefront. One of the biggest hurdles faced by the end-user when transitioning to cloud-based technology is change management. Donesafe understands that workers generally don’t want to sway too far away from what they are used too, especially if it works. Donesafe is designed to reduce this burden. Workers don’t experience too much change, while the organization reaps the benefits of data, technology, minimal change management, and an all-in-one cloud workplace solution. Donesafe has made it quick and easy for employees to become part of the safety conversation building a culture through an inclusive platform.