Ofload has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Digital Innovation in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for Digital Innovation [DGL] recognizes products and services that provide innovative digital solutions for business and market needs.

Did you know?

• Every third truck on Australian roads drives empty.
• At any given time, 50% of the trucks on our roads are under utilised; meaning that they are driving at less-than capacity.

Ofload is a digital platform that aims to reduce waste by enabling trucks to drive full, more often. By leveraging technology and big data we efficiently identify and match available loads with untapped capacity in the road freight market.

For Shippers we provide visibility into the location of their freight and the simplicity of managing it all in one place. Shippers can also leverage our in-depth analytics and tracking dashboards to improve their utilisation; consequently reducing their costs and carbon footprint over time.

Historically the logistics industry has been fragmented with over 49,000 transport companies operating across Australia. The lion’s share of available freight however is being managed by 3 transport companies. This is due to their larger fleet sizes and ability to act as a “one stop shop” for Shippers with a high volume of freight.

With technology, Ofload can simulate this single-touch-point experience for Shippers, all while empowering the long tail of the industry – these are the 98% of trucking companies with less than 3 trucks in their fleet.

Large contracts get aggregated by our system and allocated to trucking companies based on their preferences and capacity. In doing this, we uncover opportunities that were previously unavailable to smaller fleets.

Since the platform became operational in March 2020, 1500 trucking companies have signed up to Ofload and now benefit from having fuller trucks and more work on the lanes they prefer and service best.

Our technology is offered for free to all parties. Notably, this allows smaller trucking companies to meet the demands of large shippers without the cost of expensive telematics software. Our mobile app for example, allows Drivers to provide seamless location updates directly to the Shipper. The app also saves time by digitising previously analogue tasks like printing cargo documentation and uploading proof of delivery.

As a company, Ofload has continually sought out opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. In 2021 we partnered with One Tree Planted to donate a tree for every shipment processed via our platform.