triConvey has been recognized as a WBA Winner for SaaS Innovation in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for SaaS Innovation [SSI] recognizes software as a service products that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs.

Operating nationally, triSearch is an all-in-one technology solution for Conveyancers. We combine the three main tools a Conveyancers needs to conduct their matters electronically end-to-end, which are a Practice Management System, Due-diligence Search Platform and Electronic Conveyancing Tools.

One of the core products of triSearch is the cloud-based Practice Management Software (PMS) triConvey. By using triConvey, Conveyancers have one central hub to access all the other tools required to complete their matters. The triConvey Software is covered by a dedicated and consolidated support team and is available to all users at $0.

The $0 offering is the one of the most unique-selling points of triConvey as no other competitor offers a premium software at that price point. From an overall business perspective, triSearch are able to offer the software at $0 as we see revenue from the ongoing due-diligence searches that are conducted through the software. This is a win-win for triSearch and clients as clients receive access to a premium technology at no additional cost, and triSearch see the ongoing transactional revenue of Searches from each matter put through. The Searches are required as part of the Conveyancers workflow and something they need to conduct regardless.

In addition to the unique price point, the triConvey product showcases innovation through its many integrations with existing systems that Conveyancers use. These include Office 365, Adobe, Xero, MYOB and all triSearch tools. These integrations act seamlessly to map all information to and from the Software, capturing emails, forms, settlement financials and much more. The Software also comes out of the box with a library of pre-built legal forms and precedents and offer Conveyancers complimentary Trust Accounting tools.

triConvey also helps businesses improve profitability and staff collaboration with tools that offer a secure messaging platform for users, unlimited support and training for both software and search, a firm insights tool which helps view potential areas for better profitability and a built-in time tracking function to help track billables and insights into where the most time is being spent in-app.

It is these functions, as well as many others, which sets triConvey apart from competing products. To summarise, there are three distinct differences compared to available conveyancing software and search platforms. These include cost, triConvey is offered at $0; one dedicated support team, users only need to contact one support term for both software and search queries; and next-gen integration between search and software. triConvey was designed to be the most advanced integration available in the conveyancing market with matter information mapped between both services.

Ultimately, triConvey is an all-in-one conveyancing workflow solution. The innovation is seen through the combination of Software, Search & eConveyancing, all covered by a single support team. This is unprecedented in the Conveyancing-tech industry and has been a major disruptor to the very competitive landscape.

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