Elegant Media has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Process Improvement in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for Process Improvement [BPI] recognizes organizations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in business process improvement.

App users make up the world’s largest consumer market, with annual downloads reaching over 265 billion – it’s a big business that’s growing bigger daily. Melbourne-based mobile technology company Elegant Media offers the market an innovative business solution which slashes the financial risks associated with commencing app development. Established in December 2009, Elegant Media now has become a global company with more than 60 app technology experts operate in Australia, Sri Lanka and the United States. Elegant Media’s aim is to support not only big cooperations but also each individual to have their own App launch in the market in the short time but with the highest quality. According to their internal figure, Elegant Media have developed more than 100 successful Apps that generate great income for their clients. Their vision is to become one of the top App Development Company not only within Australia, but also all around the world. Elegant Media wants to achieve this by providing extraordinary services to clients and following them step by step to turn their dream into the reality. Elegant Media use mobile technologies to start new businesses or improve efficiency of existing businesses.

Released just one year ago, Elegant Media’s Flexi Development Plans (Flexi) overcome a common difficulty faced by budding entrepreneurs and business owners alike: the allocation of capital. For the first time in Australia, app developers can now enjoy the benefits of payment flexibility, the ability to control their budget and evolve their app concept simultaneously. A single monthly ‘pay-as-you-go’ fee gives unlimited access to a dedicated team of Elegant Media app experts, including limitless opportunities to change the project’s original scope – all without any commitment to a lock-in contract. Through its innovative pricing structure, Flexi has become the ideal option for app development, from the initial ‘light bulb moment’ to market launch and beyond. What’s more, by removing the cost roadblock, it exponentially increases the exposure of app developers to the latest in app technology. Flexi’s true value lies in removing the very real risk of the app becoming obsolete before it has been launched. Flexi’s unlimited ability to change an app’s specification not only ensures a robust market relevant finished product, it also allows app developers to stage development by testing the market as they go. Furthermore, Elegant Media is the only Australian mobile technology company which is ISO 9001:2015 certified, giving clients even greater confidence that all development processes and documentation produced meet rigorous international standards.

Elegant Media started the trials for Flexi’s unlimited plans from August 2018. Their clients at that time included some of the entrepreneurs, individuals and SMEs who firmly believe in Elegant Media team and their “cost reduction “strategies. Also, Elegant Media tailored the different flexi to match with clients’ requirements. Their project consultants will give clients the best advice on which plan should suit their needs. There are numerous factors for clients to consider which one is the best suited options for them including financial ability, the completion level of App or the App’s complexity. Flexi’s‘agile’ delivery method means app developers can assess development as construction progresses, rather than simply receiving a finished product at the end. Clients can follow step by step and quickly respond if there is any issue within their project.

Flexi’s innovative ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach has already impacted the market enormously, with 80% of all new customers choosing to begin their app development journey with Flexi since its introduction in 2018. Therefore, Flexi’s ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach brings huge benefits to both company and clients. Elegant Media’s Company size has increased accordingly to ensure they have enough labour and resources allocated for the individual project. The recruitment process is carefully monitored to make sure Elegant Media have the best candidate to fill in requested positions. Elegant Media also invest more in training sessions to make sure their team fully understands how the Flexi plans work and how it will contribute value to clients.

Elegant Media gives individuals and businesses a way that they can pursue app development free of the high risks associated with a substantial upfront financial outlay and a rigid delivery model, giving great ideas optimum chance to reach the market. As there are no onerous lock-in contracts, Flexi allows app construction to continue in a way that suits the app developer’s financial circumstances. According to the phone survey conducted in mid 2019, 90% of Elegant Media’s clients are satisfied with the App they have provided. The satisfaction of clients will definitely be Elegant Media’s motivation to bring more benefits to the owners and the public as a whole.