Study Group has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Process Improvement in the World Business Awards 2022. The World Business Award for Process Improvement [BPI] recognizes organizations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in business process improvement.

Study Group is the leading provider of international education, driving success for their students and partners. Study Group believe in a better world through education. They operate their own colleges and also provide on and off-campus education through International Study Centres (ISCs) in collaboration with leading universities across the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia. With Study Group, students acquire the language, academic and social skills that they need for university progression and continued success in a global society. The universities they work with trust Study Group to increase their international footprint, improve student diversity and provide assured progression, so they can continue to focus on academic excellence.

As the name suggests, Continuous Improvement (CI) is an ongoing effort to improve their processes and services by reducing waste and improving efficiencies, compliance and team engagement. This continuous effort delivers advantages for their organisation and creates more time to focus on Study Group’s students and partners. Continuous improvement is a concept familiar to many in the organisation, and the Study Group programme concentrated on creating a common language and approach to facilitate team collaboration and improved communication allowing to share successes and improve outcomes. Additionally, Continuous Improvement is not a “programme” rather it is what Study Group do as a business, and is part of their daily work.

Study Group’s approach has been seen as a “voice” for staff to speak up about opportunities for improvement, it has given many staff the ability to be “empowered” to make a difference in their work and with their teams. It has given them a “tool box” which they can now “pick and choose” which tool is appropriate for the problem at hand e.g. 5 Why, Brain storming, Value Stream mapping, 5S – Workshop Organisation etc. The culture of change has begun at Study Group, but it is by no means complete, as this is part of the journey to realise that there are always opportunities for improvement. Continuous Improvement is becoming the “bind/ glue” that many groups are talking about before their start their initiative. Continuous Improvement activities in the company’s workplace has had many benefits achieved in such a short time and is testament to an organisation focused on their goal of “Creating a better world through Education”.