Kinetic Education

Kinetic Education has been recognized as a WBA Winner for Product Innovation in the World Brand Awards 2022. The World Brand Award for Product Innovation [PIA] recognizes innovative consumer products that offer a point of difference from their competitors.

Kinetic Education is an Australian family business in Victoria, specialising in developing and marketing online tutoring systems for school-age children to study Maths and English at home. Today, the company’s approach is unique and innovative as it combines online-learning in a structured computer program, plus online tutors and mentors for extra help and encouragement, when needed. Pricing starts at $26 per week for a family of 2 children, making it far more cost effective than traditional tutoring. Consequently, the company now has more than 6,300 families enrolled in online tutoring.

Learning maths requires constant practice – like a sport or a musical instrument. There are not enough teaching hours in school, to allow for a lot of practice or to give individual attention in the class-room. Most parents cannot help if their children are struggling, so nowadays most schools only set routine drills for homework. Hourly tutoring services, whether in the home or online, are also time-challenged.

Embracing the Cloud: Using cloud technology, the whole of Australia (indeed the world) is a class-room. Better than a class-room, students have individual attention. The teaching component of the software is very strong, and this in itself constitutes individual attention. But beyond that, cloud technology combined with share-screen technology allows tutors to promptly respond and explain concepts to students if they are having difficulty. Extensive reporting is provided to tutors to track student progress. This enables them to support students of all levels of ability, and give special attention to those who need it most.

Combining these technologies, and other communication and monitoring functions, allowed the company to function properly during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Both Mathematics and English Language are subjects which take years to master. It is crucial to support the early years of school, so the child has a good start. All the teaching, throughout the school years, is a lead up to the more difficult work in Senior School. Kinetic Education is dedicated to making learning enjoyable, developing good study habits, and putting the student on the path to success.

As a result of Covid -19, families are now looking at their kid’s schooling differently. The children were doing home-study during lockdown. Parental involvement used to centre on after-school activities. Study was left entirely to the school, with the school report being the only feed-back on how the kids were getting on. Suddenly, parents were exposed to the fact that their children were struggling to understand what they had to do. Before, they had only seen the routine drills that were given as homework.

With Kinetic Education parents feel empowered to assist their children with their schoolwork, without necessarily understanding it themselves. This empowerment is due to having the tools to do it, and the training and support that they receive from Kinetic Education, while the family is enrolled in the system. With Kinetic Education, parents only need to give encouragement. All the educational material is in place and interactive. Every Monday, Kinetic Education creates a learning plan especially for that child based on what they are ready to learn.

Technology is ever advancing, and for the company to achieve its goal of providing a superior online tutoring solution, it needs to continue to be innovative, embracing new technologies and exploring how technology can be best used to teach children and give them a strong foundation in Maths and English, so they can be successful and confident in their studies and future careers.

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